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HI Guys,

Does anyone own a Mini One D with big miles (around 200k) that hasn't had any issues with overheating and therefore needing a new head gasket/cylinder head/complete new engine? Or are they all likely to encounter these issues at one time in their lives?

I am looking at potentially buying a Mini One Diesel as I've heard the later R56 cars have the Peugeot engine that is prone to timing chain failure...but now I've stumbled across the issue with the R50 and the overheating due to head gasket/cylinder head failure.

I'm looking for a mini that can do great MPG on the motorway, but still be a small nimble car...hence looking at the diesels.

I need 50mpg at 70mph - can any of the petrols do this that have bomb-proof engines? and is the R50 Diesel a disaster waiting to happen, or are there some good ones out there that no one has heard about because you normally only hear of the ones that go wrong!

Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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