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Paranoia probably ;)
When I got my MINI I was very sensitive to every pull this way and that of the steering wheel and I'm positive that mines absolutely fine. One deeply tracked tarmac the steering will follow any grooves in the road.
This is just becaurse the steering feedback is SO GOOD you know exactly what they are doing. To be honest after having my car for just over 3 months now, I love this attribute to bits.
I've driven several BMWs over the last couple of weeks and to be truthful they are nothing feel wise compared to my Cooper. And they're supposed to be the ultimate drivers cars :rolleyes:
The thing is now though I can't drive anything else without critising the lack of feel ;) :p :D

How bad is your "drift"?
I can drive on the motorway and admittedly the car will drift ever so slightly, but this is due to camber and all I need to do is rest my hand on the wheel to stop the drift. I do not need to hold it frimly at all and I have no lack of confidence in it. In the fast lane however there are no problems.

Give it a chance I say. It took me a good month to persuade myself that mine was normal :p :p :p
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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