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Left Pull - The Australian experience

I also found this site while looking to see if anyone else had a MINI that pulled left.
Forget the psychobabble about being influenced by what you read on MINI2, does everyone now have a dash that rattles?If you can feel the pull then it is real.
I drive the MINI on the same roads on which I have driven countless cars for the last 20 years. NONE of the previous cars (Minis, MGs, Rovers, Fords, Holdens, Toyotas, Mitsubishis) have ever pulled to the left. Here in West Aus road camber is very slight if it exists at all and as often as not it cambers the wrong way. (If the WA road engineers had worked for the Romans they would have been fed to the lions)

Took the MINI back to the dealer yesterday for a fix and guess what
"Its the camber of the road, they all drive like this" is the official line.

The service staff were very helpful and told me they had a BMW model that did exactly the same until replacement parts were fitted. They are searching for answers.

The left pull doesn't stop me grinning as I drive.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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