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Left Pull or Left With No Brain

OK, time for some kon-tro-ver-see. I fully expect to get a flaming but am still saying as I see it:

Does the left pull exist?

Yes, possibly! I've driven my sisters MINI One which she claims has a left pull. I've driven it but it's nothing like as extreme or severe as I expected - just a (very)mildish tug. I don't have any pull syndrome on my Cooper.

Any other reasons for the left pull?

Some people may have been pyschologically "convinced" that they have a left pull by other posts.

Drainage gradients/camber exists on all roads. Some roads are worse than others. Camber exists on roads unexpectedly. You may think it looks flat but looks are often deceptive. I thought that one 5 mile stretch of the A20 was totally flat until I rode it on my bike and nearly had a hernia at the tough going!

Channels created by lorries often cause ruts which cause the steering to tug. You often cannot see the ruts unless it's been raining. If you drive a route regularly then you may think you car has a problem.

I also think that many MINI drivers may have driven "lesser" machinery with poor steering responses. I know my sister did - a Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 with appalling steering that fought through the wheel when you cornered. I had until April a Saab - which was also indirect in steering. After driving the Saab for a week, I'd jump into the MINI and be constantly steering excessively for the first few miles. I'd turn the wheel on the MINI and be finding myself steering too close to the kerb.

Food for discussion perhaps?

PartlyPerplexed DC
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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