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Anyone else anxiously awaiting their new mini?

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We preordered an electric mini, and production was delayed because of the plague. It's now been sitting on the docks in Southampton for 12 days. Not sure why. A vehicle carrier left Southampton early this AM, and is heading towards Baltimore, which is the port my mini will be delivered to. It's Wallenius, which is usually the carrier BMW uses, and hoping that my car made it on that ship, otherwise will have to wait til 26th of June. The "track my mini" site still says she's at port, awaiting a ship.

Anyone know if this is the norm? So close, yet so far...
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here in uk has been mass lock down on everything that is not front line needed,, but would think if car was finished before mini closed down and was at docks waiting collection would think it might get loaded,, as the docks are front line on one level for food and make believe tory PPE etc delivery's that never turn up lol.. at least a electric mini will be ready for new world order on pollution towards the end of year,, i seen somewhere a few years ago mini/bmw were going to get the Chinese to produce the chassis and battery and tech stuff at some point and so were vw with new golf wonder how much has been used from china,,, as a lot of countries are now looking to stop the Chinese 5g and other stuff due to where the world is at present,, the whole world has gone nuts ,, and the nutters are running the nut house lol,,
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LOL, well I think my mini was one of the first that came off the line after they re-opened the Oxford plant. Over here, we hear the UK is opening things back up, they started a couple weeks earlier than we did in MD.
think they went back 15th may, whether the parts in time way of building them is hit by other country's and lock downs who knows as parts come from all over the world,
uk still fairly locked down sort of , we have a government that struggles with facts and truth etc,, the stupidity is special for sure,,, they say they follow the sciences ,,, the sciences say they do what the government demand of them etc,, toatal mess from start to finish, dark times in uk to be honest
Think that's true everywhere. And our current president is not exactly known for telling the truth. If he was Pinocchio, his nose would be long enough by now so that I could drive my mini across it from the UK to the US without having to wait for a boat :-D
i think there is a bigger agenda with all this virus and experimenting with control the masses etc,, some big changes maybe
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