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Anyone Ever Find Their ship?

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Has anyone ever found their ship on
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No such luck

I just spent the last hour on the site and can't find my ship.

I know my ship is about 2 days behind the Otello, based on when my Ol status changed vs when reports of status change came through from folks on that ship. That puts my ship as sailing on the 4th of Feb. Both are going to Port Hueneme.

I searched every track of the ships in the area, looking for ones that left the area of Southampton on the 4th, roughly following Otello. Any ship I that looked good, I did a google search, but found only container ships.

I will try more later.
Funny, why should any of this matter to me? Yet another obsessive MINI owner...

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Just be long as you know that your cars aren't in the "Andrea Doria"!!! :D
Evidently the ship positions are generated by them making weather reports. Evidently my ship is not making any reports. :mad:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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