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Anyone fitted an LSD in Australia?

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Hopefully this is the right area to post in. I've found the very useful information on installing the Quiafe ATB LSD into the Getrag 'box, but I haven't been able to find if anyone has done it in Australia.

If there are people that have, where did you have the work done? I'm looking at getting it done and am curious as to whether you used any transmission specialist or Mini themselves?

The diff and box are in the one housing, so it's not going to be an easy task. How many hours and what cost did you incur doing it locally?

I'm specifically interested in Sydney based people, but any Aussie comments would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks in advance,

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I know of one guy on mini2 from around here who got it done at BMW...

It's not a cheap thing to do, I'd look at doing a new clutch etc at the same time to make it slightly more cost affective...
Red&blackS said:
I know of one guy on mini2 from around here who got it done at BMW...

It's not a cheap thing to do, I'd look at doing a new clutch etc at the same time to make it slightly more cost affective...
What do you mean by a "guy on mini2"? Isn't that where I am? Any idea of who he is, I might send him a PM... thanks.

Yeah, I know it's not cheap. But I had one on my old car and am seriously missing it on this one.
Im writing you a PM right now mate...
Yep... he got a differnt style to the quaife that required gearbox mods.

Its from Mini Mania I think. If its the one I'm thinking, its very expensive from memory AU$4000 to get it here alone. It has alot more adjustments than the quaife.
sounds like it'd be cheaper to adapt your driving style..... :(

or get a brand new mini :D

I have looked into this, but can't do it due to the regulations in the category I compete in tarmac rallies.

It is a relatively expensive option, and would only be worthwhile if you are intending to do serious competitive and timed race track work. It is not a mod that would be cost effective or beneficial for anyone who drives on the street only.

If you want details of where it can be done, PM me.


I priced doing this mod and Fitting a Quaife is

1) about 5 to 5 1/2 K fitted
2) its a Clutched LSD meaning you choose the percentage of locking in it when you buy it
3) makes the car near on impossible to park in a normal car park if you choose 45% lock up or more.
4) is only going to be beneficial if you leave the suspension standard and have standard tyres with alot more power.

You can do alot of Mods cheaper that will make the car super quick on track/rally that wont break the bank.
I dont think i even spin the wheels at the track now and im keeping up with EVOVIII's and 05 STI's.

Honestly you can learn to be fast in a mini with good suspension setup.... Unless you are going so fast with all the Mods already a Quaife is a true waste of money.

Saying that Ive driven a FWD Rally car with a quaife which was 52% locked and yes it had additional traction in the wet.... but otherwise it was a pig to drive normally.

My honest opinion (which may not count to some) is that unless your building a pure race car dont do a Clutched Quaife! I believe JCW will be offering a Viscous LSD which will be very suitable.
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sounds simpler to buy a new 05 build car with an LSD from the factory
Is it Tim? ;)
LSD? Don't do it mate... not good for your health... ;)
Getting one in the new 05's would be the go.

Not sure where your getting the info on the Quaife ATB unit but unlike plate type lsd's the quaife unit is geardriven and is well known to be as smooth in operation as a limited slip can get with no chattering of plates or problems that some 1.5 and more to the point 2 way plate lsd's have on a lifted off throttle opening, because of this its well suited to front wheel drive applications. If your going aftermarket with this sort of investment you'd also want to do a lightweight flywheel for maximum bang for buck, maybe a clutch but I'd not go too silly with upgraded clutches, most are atrocious to drive with on the street.

You normally only bump up the preload on lsd's if your wanting a locking spool and rules won't allow for them or you have a certain application in mind that needs it. For most road and tarmac based competition having some sort of slippage is an advantage as your not fighting the wheel all the time in a FWD car and can concentrate on being quick, what your looking for is traction out of corners and hopefully a bit less weight transfer overall through corners.

Actually easiest way out would be to search the dealers for a 05 with lsd and go for a test drive, you'll see the differences and can make your own decisions.
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Thanks 7nut. Nice post.

The ATB LSD, as you say is a mechanical torque bearing clutch. You barely feel it in every day driving, but in hard corner you know it's there and there is a singificant advantage in being able to floor it half way through a corner and get pulled out of it. Is a heap of fun :)

It costs around $1300, so I'm looking for someone that has experience with the non-serviceable Getrag gearbox before I proceed with getting one. I'm looking at getting some cheaper parts from Japan so would be getting the LSD at a good price.

Great to hear the 05 has one as an option, that's awesome.
Not needed.As Giles said (CCS), unless its a PRO race car where sponsorship picks up the bill, dont bother. Not worth it and makes it useless on the road :)
Just so you guys are aware, the Quaife ATB from MINImania and the like is exactly the same as the one listed on the John Cooper Motorsport site. I asked the question mid last year and received this response from JCW:

"the diff we are using is a ATB quaiffe one, part no 56 309 290 it is very simple to fit using the bmw tools."
JCW use a number of reputable sources for their parts... just rebrand them and double the price... :(
Red&blackS said:
JCW use a number of reputable sources for their parts... just rebrand them and double the price... :(
Yeah, that's why I emailed them. I immediately recognised the unit on their site for the Challenge cars as a Quaife ATB. I emailed them with the Quaife part no. and said that since we couldn't source JCW Motorsport components in OZ ;) , could they confirm the part no. was the one they were using.

Since the Aussie dollar had been increasing against the U.S. dollar, the exact unit from the U.S. would be a hell of a lot cheaper than sourcing the same thing in pounds.

I must admit, I was surprised they were so forthcoming in their reply.
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