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Anyone for Hamburg?

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Anyone for Hamburg, Germany?

Hummel, a regular in the MINI2 Chat Room, suggested a MINI meet in Hamburg, Germany.

No details yet, so any suggestions/ideas will be welcomed.

As mentioned in my thread on France, I would like to get out of UK during the first weekend in June. Come to think of it, I am definitely getting away from all the celebrations/events that weekend, on my own if I have to!!! :D :D :D
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I'll be in Hamburg for about 4 hours on Saturday the 26th of January..

Hi Paul,

only four hours? bit short :)

But if you like a sort of going round, got some impressions of hamburg, i would like to give you ideas or pick you up.

Greetings from Hamburg, Hummel
Would that be for a test drive of the S, by any chance, you lucky bugger. :) :)
No it's not...

I don't think I will have much spare time hummel, but I will know a bit more next week..

BUT, while I'm there is there anything 'not to miss' that may not be one of the main tourist places?

We're there!

We've got to go so that baby Silbee can finally meet her twin! :p

Hopefully we can make it for October and the beer festivals!

All I have to do now is find Dodger another job after his operation recouperation so that we can afford all these wonderful meets! ;)

Dodgeress xx
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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