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Anyone got one of these?

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Looking for the blue cover for the heater, bmw want over £40 for the pair!!

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Going to bump this, anyone? Or know of anywhere I can get them from aftermarket?

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I know this going to sound really stupid.
but you might be able to shape one with a blue bic pen or stick pen pocket clip from the pens cap shape it to fit in there. A little cutting and sanding and you might be able to do it the clip on the stick pen is all ready curved. Just finding the right color blue
coller blue
Thanks for that idea, not even thought about doing anything like that. Every breaker I try just wants to sell me the whole panel and I’m not paying £40 for those 2 pieces of plastic

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If you need to bend it even more. You could use a microwave oven . To soften the plastic. But I would test a separate piece first to see how long you would need to do it to soften it. Or you could maybe use rubber and paint it blue, would probably be easier. An old piece of rubber hose. And an exacto knife some blue testers model car paint or even fingernail polish. To the untrained eye no one would even notice the fix. I fix all kinds of things using things I find around the house. Unfortunately I don't have your type controls my r56 is a 2011 with the auto feature. Or I would try to make it for you. Another thing you might try is salvage or junk yard if there are any near. Most. Even if they don't have it will try to find it for you. I live in the U.S so used parts are an industry here.
I really hope that this will help you
All good ideas, we’ll worth a try once I finish all my lockdown jobs Thanks for the offer of making it that’s very kind, also I do have a local breakers yard about 30 mins away but as a non essential journey that will have to wait. I’ll have a stab at it and see what happens, at worst I’ll have to buy something at some point

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There is a mini owner on this site (mrblonde) or (mrb10nde) that says he has a mate that can get him mini parts cheap or free. Look up the topic 2003 mini Cooper chrono pack. He might be the ticket. Says his mate owns a mini wrecker?
I guess that's what we here in theU. S call a junkyard or salvage yard. If his mate deals with minis or BMW check him out.
I hope he can get your part
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