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Anyone have photo of grey doors/leatherette Cooper combo?

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Heard the Cooper gets grey doors w/the Grey(2-tone) leatherette option.
Whereas, S's still have black doors.

I was thinking of a silver dash...but this may get lost on the door if it's grey....or clash.

Anybody have an image of these grey doors? How light or dark a grey are they?
Is it reason enough to get an option that comes w/Black doors?
Heard the grey may show dirt really easily, too, opening & shutting the doors. (from the salesguy)

I could do the Anthracite, to make the door handles stand out more & to contrast the seats...just wondering if anybody could take some photos & post here.
However, I was leaning slightly towards the silver to lighten up the car...if I go w/the Purple Cooper or Hyper Blue one. If I go w/a Pepper White cooper, I'd do an Anthracite, dash, anyway. Thanks so much! :)
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Oops! Okay...I see a grey door photo, but still not w/silver

Went to the main gallery & found an image of grey doors w/
2-tone leatherette & anthracite trim. (just added recently!)

But, does anyone have these grey doors w/silver dash & door handles.
Please help, if you do. Thanks!
Still hoping to see what shade the grey looks to silver

Share if you've gotten a Cooper like this w/2-tone leatherette...
grey doors (only on Coopers not S's)
and, silver dash/door handles.

Also, is it hard to keep the light grey doors clean looking?
Thanks again!
Previous grey door panel options were discontinued ...

Magnesium Grey on the S in Sep 2003.
Silver Grey on the Cooper in Jul 2004.

I suspect showing scuff marks more than Panther Black was a contributing factor ;)

If you're going with grey door panels I'd recommend going with anthracite door bezels for contrast:

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Thanks for the pic!! But is this one of the discontinued doors?

Not sure from your posting.
Is this the current grey door, or an older version.

Thanks, no matter what, for getting me closer to seeing it, at least. :)
Appreciate it!
NeedMiniInfo said:
Is this the current grey door, or an older version.
It's a picture of a 2005 model from the Seat Upholstery & Interior Trim Gallery:
And, that's the current option, I guess?

So, there's just no way to get the black doors anymore?
(at least not w/the 2-tone leatherette)

Wonder if silver dash would work at all anymore??
(or if the door handle would be completely lost...
perhaps not too badly)...

Photos sometimes shows colors lighter than they are....
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