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Anyone have the BRG?

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With all due respect to the owners of blue and red cars, I'm looking for some decent pics of the BRG and white combo - does anyone have some pics they could post? I looked through the galleries but wasn't able to find any good images. Thanks!
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I havent got any pics of one - but I think BRG and white looks wicked -it would be my choice if I had another one - ive got red/white,


Some good pictures BRG/White ... Green interior is too much for me, but the car looks great ...
a couple of shots in my gallery green/white cooper on overcast days.... the colour is fairly representative, I think.


I'm picking up my car on Friday - will try to "borrow" the digital camera from work to take some pics (I have a camera, but is low resolution).
Lookin' Good!

Thanks for the posts. Even though BMW went with a metallic "BRG" instead of a traditional shade, the pics I've seen confirm this is the color I will be ordering. If anyone has one with SILVER seven-hole alloys, I'd love to see it. Can't wait to get a car, and fit 15" Panasports ;)
Re: Lookin' Good!

BRG4Me said:
this is the color I will be ordering.
:cool: :)
When I first started taking a liking to the new Mini I immediately decided if I was to have one I'd choose BRG/White Combo. Its the classic Mini Colour. Add a Aussie Flag to the roof...perfect. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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