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Hello All,

I am the caretaker of my wife's '04 S Pepper White equipped with Black Roof R90 Navigation and Works package. It took about 90 days total from the time of the initial order.

As I am not one to leave well enough alone, I would like to add a mesh grill and upper bumper insert but the ones offered by BMW do not fit the standard bumper.

Anyone know where I can get the one in picture #6 of the above post??? Or possibly one similiar???

Thanks and best regards.


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Yeah it will fit with a bit of encouragment.

Failing that, You could go the extra mile and fork out for the Aerodynamic kit which the grill is designed for.

Im fitting the black aero grill to my 2005 MC when it comes. Going to fun taking off the front bumper a week into getting the car.
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