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Anyone see? Cheapest, fastest GP

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Well I knew it would come a GP offer too good to be true, that wasn't some "waste" scammer!
And there it was on Sunday on Autotrader ;- 1 owner GP, 9k at 15950, had to rub my eyes and read again.

So I rang 1st thing on Monday and spoke to what seemed a genuine trader (non BMW) dealer, car was said to be in perfect nick, taxed and had just had its1st oil service.:D

He even said he'd come back with a price for my 04JCWS;) prior to me travelling up (as otherwise I would have got the train with a bundle of cash)

Alas when I called to chase them today the Gp had been sold last night - which probabaly makes it the quickest and cheapest GP ever - now which one of you lot has bought it.:confused::puzzled:
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Wow that was a cheap GP:eek::eek: and as you say a very quick sale

Must be one happy owner somewhere :nice::nice::nice:
My guess is he was probably offered £15k by a dealer so anything over that in a private sale is a bonus
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