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anyone under 21 insured on a mcs chilli

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after getting a good price for my car i took the next plunge and investigated how much insurance would be for a 20yo with 3yrs ncb (as i would hopefully be come insuring it).

however mini told me you have to be 21 which suprised me as i got insured on a mcs when i was 18 for a week although the premium annually would have been £2k. i cant believe that i cant get insured now 2yrs older and with 2yrs more ncb. can anyone shed any light on this.

any other insurers able to do it.

any advice would be gratefully recieved :)
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shop around matt.

for example after my first year of MINI ownership i had to renew my policy.

Some insurance companies wanted 4yrs ncb, i have 3 years and im 32 as well! :rolleyes:
whilst younger drivers may be penalised, if u can demonstrate a perfectly clean record theres always an insurance company that will take this into account.

dont lose faith, just keep looking!
I always say that Privilege are worth a shout......

They have been cheapest for me ever since I was 18 (currently 21, 3 yrs ncb, GU postcode paying 480 quid on the MCC)...

It pays to shop around....just watch out for the likes of elephant who wont pay out on optional extras!!
I have seen adverts on tv for this company:

I have not tried them but you should have a look. Im with elephant and started with them on my MCS chilli when I was 22, and they were the cheapest I could find (and still cant find cheaper...)
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