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Anyway to intall a 2DIN head unit?

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Have anyone thinking of fitting a 2 din size head unit into the mini?
can we move the the climate control to the bottom or something? have anyone got any idea or thinking of doing it?
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I don't think that moving the a/c controls would be all that easy. Where would they go afterwards, and how would you make it not look like a bodge?

My opinion would be that putting it in the passenger shelf attached to the top would be best. I think this is just long enough to house a DIN unit, and should be tall enough for a double DIN. You could hide this behind the glove box door (when/if it comes out) and then leave the standard radio in it's slot (albeit, disconnected). That way, anyone looking in would think that there's nothing special stereo wise about the car, and so would be less attractive to theives...

I think it shold be possible, but it would cost a lot if you wanted it to look good. What I can tell you is that the BMW 3 series Sat Nav is a Double Din unit, so maybe if you could get a speedo on to your steering coloumn then you could put it there. I think moving the Air Con up would be a beter idea tho, and then fit the radio underneith, less mucking around that way me thinks!
thx for everyone reply, i have a 2 din unit now, maybe i should just buy a standard head unit than.
One thing you could probably do is mount both a single din head unit and a separate digital EQ with built in boost under the switches. These units are sometimes noticeably shallower than the head unit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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