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This probably won't ever be read by who it's intended for, but oh well! :)

I was in my CB/CB MINI traveling south on the DC inner loop at about 5 PM today. I was in the lane second from the left doing about 70-75. I came up behind you (you were a pinkish colored sports coupe of some sort - didn't catch the make/model), turned on my blinker, and proceeded to pass you. You started to swerve into the left hand lane to pass the car in front of you, but I presume that you noticed be coming up fast in the left hand lane and swerved back into your lane. Right after you did this, you started waving and making all kinds of hand gestures aimed at me. I... umm... kinda flipped you off. :eek: As I passed you, you then came up behind me. I moved over to let you pass (and to give you another dirty look). As you passed, you gave me a thumbs up, and after you passed, waved me forward. Now what my cynical New York mind interpreted at first as you being, <ahem>, "rude" to me, was actually you waving 'hey, nice car' and 'let's go'! Oops! :eek: It took me a few seconds to figure this out. When I did though, I did my best to catch right up to you! Would have done it too, if I wasn't such a wuss about speeding. Still though, it was the first time (DISCLAIMER! Speeding down a highway is reckless, dangerous, aggressive driving that can get you killed!!! Even if it is a whole lot of fun!) I took my MINI above 100 MPH!!

Hope to meet you on the roads again! :D And once again, sorry!


PS - Yes, I know that it wasn't the smartest speed to be going... I know, I'm sorry... I'll slow down... I promise...
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