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I had one of the early Minis (Sept. '01) which exhibited all the problems you mention and more, within the first 2k miles. I was fortunate enough to get a replacement car from my dealership which I took delivery of in Sept. '02.

So far, with 5k miles, none of the previous problems have manifested themselves; the windscreen hasn't cracked (it has a new process for mounting it I believe), the seats have been redesigned so the latching mechanism is better and they don't creak, it definitely does not pull left as the old one did (I had lots of practice checking for this !), the electrics are so far good (they now use Bosch harnessing instead of Valeo, have updated the BC1 body controller and CD player - hence no more flat batteries), I've had no leaks and no real rattles to speak of (perhaps a bit of trim squeak intermittently).

All in all, I'm very happy with the second car. I would say that they have sorted out all the teething problems that my first car had and don't seem to have introduced any new faults.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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