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Hello all,

23 different problems and 4 months of legal wrangling later, myself and a number of other Mini drivers are attempting to get our dealer (so far unsuccessfully) to take seriously that there are any problems with our cars.

We are looking at several different options - one that was raised was that we simply trade in against new models. So, I have a simple question -


Do they still leak?
Are the seats still crap?
Do the electrics (ABS, tyre, ECU) still fail all the time?
Does everything still rattle like the clappers?
Do they still all pull/drift left?

Would I be crazy to swap in this beauty I've been driving for the last 8 months for a new model???

I would really appreciate some straightforward answers. The frustration of dealing with these dishonest, ignorant people is beginning to wear me out.

Thanks in advance,


PS - please don't tell me to accept the bad build because of the drive quality and the style. I agree the drive quality is great and the style is fab - I just want a car that works...! ;)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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