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Phone a main dealer and ask them? Don't need to buy anything. I'm not a Gen 2 person but as far as I'm aware all R56s use the 280mm discs except for the Cooper S. Which has 294mm. I know this because us R53 people fit the R56 S front brakes set up to our R53 Cooper Ss because the standard 276mm are fairly useless. I have exactly that fitted to mine.
But I'm not sure what an 'SD' counts as. What is different to a standard 'D'. Is it a diesel S or a normal D with a few sporty bitzas. Don't know.
This is the post I put up ages ago about fitting the 294mm to the R53 S.
To your question, yes I think some drilled and grooved with decent pads will give improved braking feel, plus they do look nice.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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