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I notice my 2011 SD could do with discs. I looked on Euro car parts and see they have Brembo drilled/grooved and thought they look nice and sporty.

Is it worth the extra cost, are they any advantage to fitting them.

What discs would you recommend.
brembo are good products grooved and drilled and grooved discs help the pads bite and clear dust and extra metal surface within the holes improves removing heat off the surface where the pads bite,, if you add EBC pads its will change the brakes a lot,

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All the sites I look at list a 280mm disc and a 294mm.

Without taking the wheels off and measuring how would I know.
This is my spec from dealer.

01CA Selection of COP-relevant vehicles
01CB CO2 equipment
01CC Auto start/stop function
01CD Brake Energy Regeneration
0210 Dynamic stability control
0230 Extra package, EU-specific
0249 Multifunction f steering wheel
0255 Sports leather steering wheel
0258 Tyres with runflat properties
02GD MINI LA wheel Conical Spoke
02PA Locking wheel bolt
0302 Alarm system
0314 Door mirror, driver lock, heated
0345 Chrome Line Interior
0346 Chrome Line exterior
0383 Roof and mirror caps, black
0423 Floor mats velour’s
0450 Height adjustment, passenger seat
0481 Sports seat
0493 Storage compartment package
04AU Extended decorative scopes
04C1 Colour Line Carbon Black
04CU Interior colour, Carbon Black
04UF Sport button
0502 Headlight cleaning system
0520 Fog lights
0521 Rain sensor
0522 Xenon Light
0534 Automatic air conditioning
0550 On-board computer
0563 Light package
05AA Rear fog light
05DA Passenger airbag deactivation
05DD Lifting jack
0654 DAB tuner
06FC Radio MINI Boost CD
06ND Hands-free system Bluetooth
0736 2nd radio remote control key
0785 White direction indicator lights
0812 National version England / Ireland
0853 Language version, English
0872 Equipment "Chili"
0877 Omission of non-combined operation
0880 On-board literature, English
08S2 Coding, alarm signal
08SM Car ident. number visible from outside
08TG Thief proofing device
A070 70 Ah AGM battery
go to europarts and stick your reg number in parts finder and go to brake discs see what they list for it. what year and model is yours

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That's the problem, Euro and GSF list 280mm (Vehicle Equipment- For vehicles without sports package) and lists 294mm. for vehicles with sport package.

Mine is a LCI model 2.0SD which I understand to be "Sport Diesel.
give them your reg number on messages or phone them, failing that then drop wheel off measure it. me i would drop wheel of and measure it for piece of mind, nothing worse than having wrong parts and car in bits
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