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From the RealOEM parts diagrams all 2011 SD's have 280mm discs.
In theory any removal of brake disc swept area reduces the braking effect but in practice I don't think you would notice it. Also drilled holes help cool but this can lead to cracking as MikeyMK pointed out. Groves help cooling but don't really have any down sides. Grooved and dimpled seems to be getting more popular. So drilled holes are the weakest according to that theory but what do Porsche use? Drilled holes on a GT3 for example. I suspect it is down to disc quality and/or the right disc size to cope with the heat. Brembo are good quality so you should be fine. 280mm discs are quite small for the SD so I would upgrade to the 294 (and calipers) or spend more on the Brembo's if you can't afford the size upgrade.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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