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Another pointer and my view

This thread has some info about DSC but the same applies to ASC+T

I've got ASC+T on my cooper and I think it's one of the best options I added. I've got the Chilli pack, I'm an enthusiastic driver and the yellow light is quite active. I think some of this is due to 16inch wheels, SSP and poor road surfaces in my area. The wheels loose traction cos they are bouncing over bumps and ruts in the road. ASC+T smoothes things out and saves your tyres.

When I'm pushing hard ASC can be very active in both wet and dry. In the wet I leave it on all the time, in the dry I often turn it off. I have a couple of favourite bends where it's safe to let the front run a little wide (understeer) and is actually a quicker approach. ASC trys to stop this and you get what feels like a flat spot in the power band (throttle is on the floor but no more power is comming as the yellow light flashes). This slows your exit from the turn and actually feels less stable (front wheel drive cars like to be pulled through a turn). Turn ASC off and the power is available to pull you through. It understeers a bit but smiling is good for your complextion !!
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