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We were at the local Barnes & Noble last night picking up the "The Complete History of the World Rally Championship" coffee table book and saw the August edition of Sport Compact Car. This issue has their annual "8 Great Rides for under $30,000". This year, the Works Mini Cooper S made it in! Here's the list (in no particular order:

Dodge SRT-4
Mitsubishi EVO VIII RS
Works MCS
Mazda RX-8
Mazdaspeed Miata
Acura RSX Type-S
Subaru WRX
Nissan 350Z

I only found one this somewhat disconceting...

They tested an '04 with only the Works package & 16" X-lites (no sunroof, nav, xenons, etc.). And they only could manage a 7.1 sec 0-60. Does anyone else find this strange? JCW claims 6.5, and that might be optimistic...but shouldn't it be around 6.8? Anyone have thoughts on the 2005 JCW MCS? With an extra 7 hp, extra torque, and revised gearing...could we see a 6.3 sec 0-60?

Obviously 0-60 isn't the only piece of the puzzle. The JCW MCS also held it's own in braking and skidpad against most of the cars. The Evo and 350Z took top handling honors if we remember correct. We would have liked to see lap times at Mid-Ohio for all cars (or Laguna Seca as SCC is based in So-Cal). We think the Works would have been in the top 3.

Anyway, just thought we'd share.

-Dave & Stacy
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