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I'm trying to fit the autodimming rear view mirror from an R56 mini (well that is what the breaker reckoned it came from) to my Honda Insight. Mainly because the Honda mirror is delaminating and I miss having a nice auto dimming mirror like my old bimmer or Audi. So I've physically got the mirror on the screen, but now face the wiring. So far I have:

Pins number, Wire colour, Probably used for (and pin number on PCB)
1, Grey, Acc +12v from ignition (3)
2, Purple, Remote Locking PCB
3, Red, Permanent +12V from fuse box (1)
4, White, Not known (5)
5, Black, Not Known(4)
6, N/C,
7, Pink, Remote Locking PCB
8, Orange, Remote Locking PCB
9, N/C,
10, Brown, Ground this splits to both the mirror PCB and remote locking receiver PCB (2)

So I have the Black and White wire to connect, I assume one will be for reverse so when you select reverse and the lights come on the mirror dimming is turned off to maximise vision, the other I have no idea, light dimming or similar. These must connect to 12V or ground to select. Anyone got any ideas please or link to a comprehensive wiring manual available online?

many thanks for any help.

EDIT: Posted this in the wrong section 2007 would make this mirror from a 2nd gen mini. please delete (because I cannot see how to).
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