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Autocar Full Test

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And I Quote

"Most Complete Hot-Hatch Ever"

"The Definative Small Fast Car"

"Comfortably the slowest-depreciating small car on sale"

"The most fun you'll have with front-wheel drive"

Etc Etc Etc

I Guess they Feel they like it:D :D :D

Only problem is the wait now seems even longer;) ;)
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Any chance of posting some performance figures?


No Problem Martin

0-30 2.7
0-40 3.9
0-50 5.6
0-60 7.6


6th 13
5th 8.9
4th 6.6
3rd 4.7
2nd 3.9


6th 13.3
5th 8.7
4th 6.1
3rd 5.1

These are of course my estimate of autocars figures and I Have to say you should buy the mag, No subscribe to the mag and buy a gift subscription for your aunt/dad/son/dog/etc...They are fine chaps and publish a fine mag which I buy religeously (from a minister!) Hope thats enough plugs to avoid prosecution for copyrightinfringement.

These figure are entirely ficticious and should not be confused with any figures either living or dead ;) ;) ;) :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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Thanks DocT,

I'll be buying the mag anyway. I had thought it only came out on Wednesday, I'll have a look in Smiths later today.

I'm a little bit dissapointed that it wasn't closer to 7 secs to sixty, but at least the in-gear figures look pretty good.

Thanks again.

autocar has changed its dates so it out every tuesday now
for note i have the Dark silver with white top and the sunroof. since i got the car i did the 1200 mile easy break in then took it out to my favorite strip of road for some 1/4 mile tests using a G-tech pro. avg time after a 10 run set was 15.15 with DSC off. best time being a 15.05. With the DSC on avg slowed to a 15.45. will be doing the engine upgrades as they come out and report the dif.:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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