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On my BMW, with the air con on auto, the fan speed setting instead limits the maximum fan speed to the setting, rather than controlling the fan speed directly like when auto is off.

Note that it only really goes to this speed when it needs to (eg. Setting off on a cold morning and the car engine is then warm enough for the car to heat quickly on your max setting).

However, my wife has just got the Mini Clubman (2019 model) and on auto it seems to still control the fan speed instead of limiting the maximum? This gets annoying when the car appears to be about the right temperature, but the fan is going hell for leather. Seems to defeat the point in auto mode, I guess except for which vents to use.

Is this correct behaviour, or is it a fault?

Thanks, hope I've explained this enough, but let me know if you want me to clarify.

It's a good feature in the BMW as you can just set it to max and leave it, and it calms down when you don't need maximum air flow to achieve the temperature set.
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