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Can someone please help, my daughters car is driving me mad !!!!
Ok here goes, driving the car about 15 miles and the amber cog warning light comes on then about 1 more mile it turns amber, the Revs start to run high and drives like a bag of you know what, it then doesn’t change gear no fault codes or anything.
It’s been in and out of the garage only to come back out and does it all again, my daughter is running up and down to university and keeps breaking down.

Mini one 1.4 automatic 68k on clock

Any help would be much appreciated
could be many things causing it and without a good enough diagnostics you have zero chance of curing it or some very good luck.
as yours is a gen 3 wurth snooper would prob be the cheapest and only near dealer level diagnostics, link below.

or could try autocom it should cover up to 2016 fairly well,

you will need to read it all engine as well as if engine misfiring can cause input fault codes on the autobox, ie might not be gearbox at fault but the power sent to it is,, joys of auto gearboxes
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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