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Hi Guys, Girls & Pirates,

I was wondering if any of you could recommend any contacts to automotive engineers (within the Sydney Metro area) who would be able to provide certificates (or advice) for any road-worthy modifications. Appreciate your comments.

Keep on Motoring :)

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dairyboy said:
Search the RTA site, there's a long list of them -
Be careful with the RTA list, two of the names I called were no longer in business. Also one of the engineers I called tried to say that no six point cages were road legal:confused:. If you want others best to direct call RTA as the engineers on the phone have an up to date list

Also try
Light Vehicle Inspections
PO Box 69
Lane Cove 1595

phone 94183150
Proprietor Hugh Farrimond.

Has done some rollcage inspections and was pretty fair


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There's a rumour floating around a new list of engineers might be out fairly soon as some of these engineers are no longer recognised by the RTA.

Let's just say Transport Industry Consultants are easy :D not sure will that be to your advantage. To some of us, it is an easy way out.
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