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Aux and parking sensors dead?

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I’m new to the forum and I’m finally an owner of a 2010 Mini One!!
however, I am having a few issues!

So, when I bought my mini he radio was dead, I then bought a used replacement for it and had it fitted. The radio itself works perfectly fine but I can’t seem to get the Aux to play anything. I tried different aux cables and even changed the ports. Still no luck! But there seems to be power from the usb port! So, I’m thinking maybe the radio needs to be programmed?? I’m not too familiar with how the systems work here, but hopefully someone can tell me what needs to be done?

alongside that, the car has parking sensors, but they’re all dead!! It doesn’t make any noise when reversing, I can’t hear any ticking noises when putting the car in reverse, which leads me to believe either its to do with the radio or the module with the parking sensors, or maybe even needs a new set of parking sensors.

I would most appreciate some guidance in trying to get my mini’s aux & pdc’s working :)

thanks for reading
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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