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Auxiliary input on Harmon Kardon upgrade mini cooper r50 2006

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Hi, I am hoping someone can advise me because I am getting confused with all I am reading.
I have just bought a Mini Cooper 2006 R50 which has the Harmon Kardon upgrade. There is a old iphone/ipod lead int he glove box (think it is the old iphone 3 type). I would like to plug my phone in but I have a samsung on usb c. I have looked at the back on the cd/radio and have found that an ipod inteface box has been added and the ipod cable is plugged into this box with an 8 pin mini din. My question is, does anyone know if you can get a usb b/c cable that has and 8 pin mini din on the other end that can plug into the ipod interface or do I need to get a cable that plugs into the cd multichanger socket? If there is no way of using the the ipod interface box with a different cable, will all the other options work baring in mind that it has the HK upgrade with the added amplifier? I have seen some boxes that do blutooth with a mic and take usb sticks and sd cards etc Will I have to remove the ipod interface to use these and will they work ok with the HK upgrade. Any advice would be really appreciated. I have googled and searched for 8 pin mini din cables with different ends to an ipod connection but found nothing. Thanks Paul


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hi paul did you get this fixed? ...ive got the same issue but i need to connect a new iphone X series to the IPOD cable and make it all work...same car year/ipod cable in the glove box as well !!
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