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Sorry if this has been previously posted! Looked for it and it was not found!

Do we know the average life span of the MINI supercharger? It seems to me that you can count on the older turbo setups ('90-95 sportscars; US) to last about 80-90k miles before they have to be replaced. Does the Eaton last longer, the same? Just curious...

Thanks for the thoughts!

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super charger / turbo charger life span

TURBO chargers use a TURBine to run off of the exhaust. They get VERY hot on that side. The engine circulates (or even just loses) oil to the bearings as they spin at VERY high speeds. I beleive the failure mode is failure of the bearings due to lack of oil when the seals wear out.

The Minis have Super chargers. These are belt driven, and even if you go to a 19% pulley you are with in the manufacturers stated specs.

The only wear parts are the bearings, and the gear drive which the water pump runs on off the back of the SC.

Alternators turn as fast as a Supercharger, and it is rare to hear of a bearing failure in an alternator, they usually fail electrically. Their pulleys don't wear out either.

Based on this, I expect my Supercharger to last 150,000 miles.

Any one else have thoughts on this ?

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