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Average speed readout on OBD - zero?

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I found an old thread about average speed on the OBD, but it was from 2003, so I figured I better post a new question.

Yesterday after filling my gas tank I checked the temp on my OBD. Since I usually keep it on current speed, I had to run through everything else. I noticed my average speed was zero. I thought this was weird since in the past it's been around 38-39. I've never reset it, don't know how. Even if I accidentally reset it, I would think it would start registering again.

I've got more than 7000 miles (forget actual amount and it's too cold to go out and check again - 4 degrees - that readout works!) and this is the FIRST issue I've had with my car since I got it in Oct.

Is this some weird computer glitch? Should I be worried? Since the OBD controls stuff, can this cause a problem?

I guess I'll be making my first call to the dealer today. :(
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Yeah, this is a known issue. The computer keeps track of driving time and miles driven.
The registers (memory locations) are finite in size. You have overflowed one or the other
and just need to reset it. Do this by selecting that mode and then holding the button down for a few seconds. Read your manual; it's all described in there.
Thanks! I'll do that. I was about to go out and test another theory of mine - that I was accidentally resetting it because with it so cold I'm always wearing gloves and didn't realize that I was resetting it (without knowing I was doing it because I never did it on purpose before).
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