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Axle stands

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I want to jack up my car at the jacking points, but would like to lower it onto the axle stands I have.

Where on the car, other than the jacking points, can you support its weight with stands ?

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Takes a while but here's how I do it.
Level ground. Jack the car up at the front point and it will raise the rear off as well. Do the other side the same way. You can work back and forth getting it higher if needed but this has always given me room to work under the car.
If you're brave you can run a 4x4 the length of the car just behind the lift points and use the jack between them and raise the whole side of the car.
Be very careful using jackstands at the lift point. Those blocks can flop over if the load on them is unbalanced. I have a 2x6 block cut to set around the lift block. Very stable.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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