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Hello Everyone,

I have convinced the finance committee (wife) that we need an S in the family! After learning of the 12-month wait in Mini North Scottsdale, I decided to look elsewhere. I landed in San Antonio, Texas at the Mini Center. Alex is the salesman, from what I learned and from speaking with him, he is a great guy! He is very honest and upfront with you, the purchaser. Which is why I am going there for my business and paying a trucking company $1k to ship the car to my house (enclosed). ($500 open)
Question… what does Mini North Scottsdale allow as far as mods on the MCS?
I would like to put on a CAI, exhaust (can’t decide between Alta and Borla), ECU and SC pulley/plugs.
What is allowed at the Scottsdale Dealership for warranty purposes? Does anyone have any experience with how they view mods to the MINIs?
At first, I thought the CAI and exhaust would be allowed and the pulley would void the warranty. Then I heard (somewhere, of course) that the Scottsdale dealership will warranty the SC pulley, IF and only IF, you purchase the pulley from them and let their techs install it! This way, they know what part and how it went on to insure it was done right! This scenario sounds like it could be true, but I cannot confirm it!
I am open to everyone’s thoughts on this!
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