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Not a new member (previously I_Wanted_A_Red_One), but couldn't log in with my existing password & the reset function appears to be borked :(

I've had old Minis in the past (1977 1098 saloon in white, 1986 City E in Red) + others in the family (most notably the BRG 1971(?) Clubman estate my mum had).

I've had an R56 Cooper in BRG (N12 chocolate engine) since last summer, expenses have been new AC condensor & Rad after hitting a bunch of partridge at speed early one morning. Currently worring about a bit of smoke when the engine is hot & has been idling ...

My neice recently got an R50 in BRG as well, the condensor on that has failed too - but no partridge were involved ;)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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