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Well guys, I've told a few people about this now, but havn't actually written it down. I havn't done it myself, but it'll work 100% (if anyone wants to donate me the parts I'll even do a full install guide with pics and everything :D - can't see it happening though :p)

This is a cheap alternative for the ICE Link, the only thing it doesn't allow for is steering wheel control of your iPod.

Step One
Buy the Mini AUX cable. From what I've told they're fairly cheap (If someone can tell me I'll update this)

Step Two
Buy any one of these that suits your fancy - - around 16 pounds or free if you fabricate one yourself!. They are the no-holes mounts for the iPod holder. Also purchase a iPod cradle to suit your iPod - around 16 pounds.

Step Three
Buy a Belkin iPod car charger. Its model numbe F8V7058-APL - fairly common, I'll stick a picture up if it'll help.

Step Four - Installation
Pull out your head unit and install the Mini AUX cable as per instructions here on Mini2 and I believe they also come with the kit itself - more info on that install here - . Install your No-holes mount for the iPod - it simply clips or screws on depending on which kit you get.

Now, to install the Belkin charger/input. Plug the dock end of the cable into the cradle, and run the cable down and plug the charger end into the 12V lighter socket (if you want to be really fancy, run it inside the downtube). The charger end has a 3.5mm socket on it, so either make or buy a short male-male cable to run from that to the AUX jack.

Thats it - when you plug your iPod in it'll charge, and when you press the MODE button on your headunit to change to AUX you have the iPod playing through your speakers. The only feature of the ICELink you're missing is the ability to control the iPod through the steering wheel controls - something a lot of people can live without.

The ICELink Plus costs 112 pound from Mikeythemini with a mounting kit. My idea will cost you 16 pound (+ 16 pound if you can't fabricate the mount) + the car charger + the AUX plug. This is mainly going to be cheap for people who already have an AUX input they are using for the iPod.

On saying that, personally I've bought an ICELink Plus, as I want the steering wheel controls. The reason I've put this up here is I know from talking on Mini meets that there are people out there who have AUX plugs who have never thought of having an ICELink like cradle in their car. If it helps one person, I'm happy :)


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As discussed Yesterday at the Mini Meet.... and now a thread devoted to it..

Thanks for the info and advice you gave me yesterday about the ICE Link..... I am going to go ahead with it, although I just need to figure out which mount I want.

Oh yeah... good luck with the lights.

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