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Base model vs s model exhaust

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How difficult would it be and what would I have to do to fit a 2002 s model exhaust on my 2002 base model mini
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Quite tricky. Best to get a pipe made for your model.
Quite tricky. Best to get a pipe made for your model.
I’m trying to get an aftermarket exhaust but I can’t find one for the non s model so I was thinking maybe if o remove my spare tire and the plastic lip at the bottom of my bumper I could get an s model exhaust to fit from the cat back
Try looking on eBay for £Mini R50 exhaust". You will find plenty. Not as many as for a R53 (Cooper S) I agree, but there still many to choose from.
I had a S exhaust fitted to my old 2002 Cooper.
The guy removed the plastic box from under the car (spare wheel?), fitted a S rear bumper (should be able to cut the trim in the centre of yours if you don't want to fit the S bumper), bent the heatshield and bolted the exhaust on.
It looked better and sounded more sporty as well :)



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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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