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Battery warning light (engine dead, then started again)

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After not driving my car for 8 days, this morning my engine started fine and I drove 5 mins then stopped. Then when I got back into the car and inserted fob (before i tried to start engine) i got the amber battery warning with the plus and minus signs. My car then wouldn't start when i pressed stop/start. I waited around 5 mins....then tried again and the car started and drove completely fine the rest of the journey.

Can anyone explain what might have happened?
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I'm not a mechanic but my best guess would be your battery is very low, starting it and driving it for 5 minutes will take out more from the battery than it put back in. These cars won't even try to start below a certain voltage. In the minutes you waited the battery may have recovered enough to start. As I say though that is my best guess with playing with cars for nearly 40 years.
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