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Bay Area: Sunday Drive to Lake Berryesa on January 16th!

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This is my first post here.

My name is David and I'm the Mini Service Advisor at MINI of Concord.

Myself and a few friends have put together a drive from Rohnert Park, up to Lake Berryesa this Sunday, January 16th.

There will be several Subaru WRX and STi's, Mini Cooper S's, BMW 2002 and 1600s coming along.

I hope you come out and join us, it will be fun!

'04 Subaru STi
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Here's the route and meeting place:

Meeting at 9AM

6356 Commerce Blvd.
Rohnert Park CA, 949282404

We’ll start out in Rohnert park (somebody up that way want to suggest a meeting spot?) and use Sonoma Mtn Road to get over to the Sonoma Valley, where we’ll catch Trinity Rd and Oakville Grade into Napa Valley.

Then we’ll take 128/Sage Canyon up to take Lower Chiles Valley- Pope Valley roads to Pope Canyon.
Then we’ll visit Lake Berryessa’s east side heading SE along Knoxville road.

Where we re-encounter 128 we’ll turn Left and take it to 121, Monticello Rd, which will take us back into Napa.
From Napa we’ll take a few of the main and backroads back over to Petaluma.

Total distance should be about 120 miles, with a few snack and fuel breaks, maybe a winery someplace- we’ll probably take about 5-6 hours max, so if we start out around 9AM everyone should have plenty of time to get ready for their afternoon-evening plans.
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Well the drive was great, but we only had one MINI Cooper S show up, and the only BMW 1600 that showed popped its head gasket right before we left from Rohnert Park.

All in all it was a great drive, the next one I post will have a lot more advance notice!

Take care,



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Hello all,

I'm the new MINI Service Advisor at MINI of Concord, and would love to meet all of your in person.

I'd also like to set up a meet and caravan down to Laguna Seca for the CCAs Golden Gate Chapter Driver's School on Monday, February 7th.

We will be planning many more meets in the future, from Rallyes, Dinner meets, and more.

David Savell
Service Advisor
MINI of Concord
(925) 682-3577

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