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Has Any one had the 220bhp upgrade fitted if so whats the before and after effects my mini is a 2002 s chili pack cheers

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Ok a breakdown of the BBR 220

1. Installation of BBR Star*Chip EVO-2 Software
Although a remap makes a difference its not entirely necessary when tuning the MCS. Most have had good or brilliant results with the standard BMW maps.

2. Installation of BBR Supercharger drive pulley
This is a reduced supercharger pulley, I had an Alta -15% pulley fitted for £283 inc VAT and it boosted my car to over 200bhp.

3. Installation of BBR / Cosworth drive belt idler
Despite what they the orginal pulley is not unreliable, the JCW was blatting round the test track without this needing to be changed when they released a factory tuning kit.

4. Changes to the boost and intercooling delivery systems
"We fine tune the original boost intercooler installation when installing our Mini 220 conversion."

The standard intercooler is poor and not up to the job of keeping a tuned MCS cool, all you can do to it is clean out the oil and seal the end boots better with new ones the above sounds like marketing BS imo. Better getting an uprateded inter-cooler for the price of around £300-400 (GRS is recommended).

5. As a cost effective further option at this Phase, have our specially developed BBR camshaft installed for just an additional £285 (no fitting charge).

Cam is not part of the £1295 + VAT conversion and most places do a similar upgrade, the 1320Autos (Newman) cams have proven good results.

So in summary your paying £1520 for a sub £300 supercharger pulley change, a remap and some shiny idler pulleys which are not worth £1220!!!!

Best proven route is:

15% Alta Pulley & NGK BKR7IEX sparkplugs approx £285 fitted.
GRS Intercooler £399 + fitting (approx £25-£50)
Janspeed 4-1 Manifold approx £695 fitted.

You'll probably see 225-230bhp for £1429 but do a before and after dyno at a place of your choice before paying out for a conversion... that way you get what you pay for. Not only that the inter-cooler will ensure your car stays reliable over the years :)

The amount of money and what the number the conversion is rated at is not what counts, its where on the car you spend it that makes all the difference.
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