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Beach Blanket MINIs

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We're drivin' down Hwy 5 South near Mission Bay, it's a beautiful day, we're on our way to a birthday beach party, and I say out loud, " This would be great day for a MINI owner to be out at the Bay. I'll bet we see one here, if anywhere." Seconds later my wife exclaims, " Look - a MINI!! " Damn, that was fast! I look over and see a Chili Red & White MINI with white hood stripes! Well, we're goin' there B4 we go to the party, that's for damn sure!! We zipped over to the Red MINI and and met the owner, Jeff from Sacramento! He was down here for a graduation ceremony. Jeff turns out to be an engineer for BMW (!!) and I let him know how much I love my Brooksie. His father drove Jeff's MINI as well and loved it. I took some pics, (soon to be available ) and we talked some, and then we had to reluctantly leave for the original party.

That turned out to be a minor gathering of gear-head husbands, who were pretending they were there for birthday celebration for one of the wives. Yeah, right! They soon found out I was a new MINI owner, and sure enough, they had to see it! We were all gathered at this open pavilion about a quarter mile from the parking lot, with access only by a reasonably wide concrete footpath. No problem! Thank God for wheelchair access ramps. Few other cars would fit one so well! I bopped on down to the pavilion, & it was like the LA auto show! Hordes of fascinated onlookers ogling MY MINI! Well, a bunch, rather than hordes, but it was fun anyway! Then I drove around the outside of the pavilion, down the path and, hey look, a patrol car........ just watching! I grinned, and we motored on!

Another day in MINI-land!

Rob in ****
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:D sounds like fun!!

Can't wait until I have mine so I can hopefully share some stories as well!

Enjoy your MINI!!
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