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Been to the launch of Kenwoods new goodies today

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The stereos are much nicer looking than the 2004 ones
Virually all have Orange illumination for the buttons (not display) (some have full colour displays)
Some will play AAC files as well as MP3 & WMA so they will play I Tunes burnt discs. - Album art can be displayed with AAC discs
They have all got MFSW input
They have an Ipod interface; this works well with the high end units - giving a 3 line display with all the info from the ipod (Ipod screen is disabled) But with the lower end unit the display is very poor & Slow. (the hideaway box is very small - smaller than an ipod )
The amps & Subs have had a great makeover & there are some Very special speakers coming in the Summer
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Nice Mike did you take any pics? :D
Im a sucker for pics
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