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As the title says guys i am after recommendation, Suggestions etc as to which stereo fit my R53 Cooper S.

I currently got a sony xplod version that i am very happy with but looking to upgrade to one when i can intergrate my ipod. My fm transmitter broke the other week & not that great so saving up to get a new stereo.

I have been looking around at Hlafords & on ebay & think i have narrowed it down to the two below

Pioneer DEH-50UB CD Player from Halfords Was £149.99 Save £20.00 Price £129.99 Half price store fitting ONLY £19.99

JVC-KD-PDR61 USB/CD Player from Halfords Price £149.99 Half price store fitting ONLY £19.99

The pioneer been my 1st choice

Just wondering if anyone has either in there mini & can give me a bit more info on how good the sound quality is , ease of use,will it fit etc

I am really happy with the sound quality of my sony its just i want the ipod connectivity

Thanks guys

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If you're happy with the OEM stereo and just want the iPod connection, check out newministuff.

Theres iPod connections that will work with the standard stereo.

EDIT: just read you've got a Sony. You could try find an iPodadaptor for the stereo you have

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Another good one is the kenwood 8141 we got our first batch on friday & have more due this week
It has usb - you can plug your standard ipod cable into it & get full fast control & see all the info on the 3 line display. The right hand knob acts as a clickwheel.
It also has bluetooth built in so you are also getting a hands free kit.
Our prices include a fitting kit - if you dont need this (use the one from your sony) we can come down on price.
If you dont want the bluetooth factility then we have versions without bluetooth - one of them has variable colour illumination
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