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MINI ONE Convertible 2004 1.6 Petrol COOL BLUE A27
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My convertible had issues where the top wouldn’t open beyond the sunroof; the roof would unlatch then just stop, needing a reset to close it back up, etc. On two occasions where the roof dropped fully, it wouldn’t respond to the buttons to close again and had to be closed manually.

I checked the usual (boot switch, fuses, micro switches in boot, parcel shelf, resetting by cycling the windows, central locking toggle reset, etc.) all with limited success. Even when it seemed to start working once, it just stopped again shortly after. I wanted to check the DTC codes to see if they could suggest the cause.

I just received an OBD2 code reader today and reviewed the roof DTCs. There were various latching and other errors listed. Once I cleared the DTCs off, the roof has begun working fine again! Every time it works perfectly.

I think the codes were just being reinterpreted by the system. For the first time since getting the car, I just got in, dropped the top, drove, parked and closed the roof as expected. Great.

(I got the Creator C310 (v5.5) - this supports the full BMW range including MINI and lets you review Body, Powertrain and ECU codes. Absolute bargain, if you are considering which to go for.)
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