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Best Performance 17" Tyre?

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The front Pirelli runflats on my MCS Works are down to the wear bars (12000miles) don't want runflats, I'll take a chance on punctures as have been carrying TyreWeld for 30 years and only had to use it 4 or 5 times!
Can anyone recomend a high performance tyre, with good wet grip?
I have been thinking of 215/45/17 size more to protect the rim from kerb damage.
Hankook K104s sound good or Yokohama AVS, has anyone used them? ;)
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I've got the Yokhama AVS-ES100 in 215/45-17 and love them. Good grip, wet or dry, and the price is right.
I use Yokahama Neova Advan AD07 and they are very grippy. They dominate the Auto X events in my country.
Try the new Toyo T1-R

These have better grip in the wet than the old T1-S and are still pretty reasonable in terms of cost.


But let's face it the T1-S is fairly poor in the wet to start with. Awesome in the dry though.
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