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Best way to do forced DPF regeneration

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I have a 2008 Cooper D, it the DPF light came up and on checking their was a problem with the glowplugs.
I have replaced these, and cleared the error code. No other codes are showing (Using Bimmer-tool app).

I want to do a forced regen - Bimmertool says it can do this - but returns an "incorrect ECU response".

The car has no MOT so don't really want to be driving it round.

So two questions-
1. Does anyone know if the Bimmer-tool app can actually tell this car to regen, or is this a compatibility issue
2. Is there a comparatively cheap tool that can definitely do a forced dpf regen on this car.
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first off do a ecu power latch first off as link below, after clear all fault codes,
also fully charge the battery that can have a effect
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