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I've been shopping for a Clubman for several months. 2013/2014 with warranty left; manual trans; base or perhaps an S model. I'm in no hurry and trying to buy one right - I've made a few offers. One on a 2014 yesterday - we'll see.

This would be a spare car for us: weekends, maybe an occasional trip.

Any recommendations on features to get/avoid? I've been focused on a base model from a reliability standpoint (and I have another car if I want to go fast). Pros/cons 2013 vs 2014?

A few friends have (or have had) them. There seems to be a love/hate relationship eg. one friend got 100K+ without any extraordinary problems; another sold his after 10K trouble-filled miles.

A friend with a BMW loves his Mini but suggests the Austria-built Paceman or Countryman.

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2016-Mini-Clubman-S-103-876x535 for Sell

Category: Cars Make and model: 2015-Mini-Clubman-S-103-876x535
Vehicle: Break
Gearbox: Manual
Year: 2015
Mileage: 9000th
Number of gears: 6

driver airbag
Passenger airbag
air conditioning
Radio / DVD
Power steering
power windows
Alloy wheels
Central locking
Automatic traction control
Side airbags
Onboard computer
Electronic stability program
Start / stop system
Electrically adjustable mirrors
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