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Mark your calendars for the next BIG MINI TRACK DAY at Thunderhill Raceway on September 2. This is a MINIs only event where you can sharpen your driving skills in a safe controlled environment on a real race track!

If you attended either of the first two events, you know how much fun this is - if you haven't attended, you should sign up to find out!! Space is limited!

Click here for details.

"This September you can experience great instruction from highly qualified driving coaches. The BIG MINI Day offers an opportunity for drivers of all skill levels to see how their MINI handles on the track, in a safe and controlled environment. You can expect six and eight on-track sessions throughout the day to practice your skills. Learn and practice driving techniques such as breaking zones, turn-in points, apex and turn exits. You will be impressed by how great your MINI handles on the track!"

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