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Had this 09 MCS for 10 months and the original suspension was soft.
Lots of body roll, no damping and horrible yaw movement over crappy local roads.

Took it to a local shop and inspected on a lift - shocks were shot, you could move with two fingers and the front control arm bushings were also shot. 2-3cm of play each side, yielding more toe out and the nasty yaw and jiggle over bumps.

Decided to install Bilstein B12 kit - B8's with the Eibach lowering springs.
Added power flex front control arm bushings and rear trailing arm bushings too.

After the alignment was done, completely different car.
Zero dive under braking, no squat under acceleration and turn in on cornering is fantastic.

The car has the factory LSD; with the DSC turned off it hammers thru switch backs.
A great investment.


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