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Well, started this month with a second child and an MCS both due on 15th October, and both arrived early - baby on the 2nd, MCS on the 12th. Both seem to be working great so far!

Thought I better post some pics, as I don’t think I’ve seen another BEP/Black on here yet – certainly not an MCS anyway. Glad I got the tinted rear windows as I think this really works well with the colour combination – what do you think? The pictures don’t really capture the Black Eye Purple very well though – it looks a bit too much like dark metallic blue in most of these snaps. Sorry it’s a bit dirty on the pictures, but this was about the only sunshine we’ve had since then, so had to get the snaps while I could. Will stick some more in my gallery when I get chance.

Couple of nice things – ordered the airbag deactivation for £30 – this gives you a key-operated switch in the side of the passenger dashboard trim, which is only accessible with the door open (like on many other manufacturers), and a little light-up picture in the overhead light cluster (where the clock used to be) that lights up amber when the airbag is disabled. For £30, I can’t see how BMW even cut even on this, especially when compared to the hundreds of pounds they used to quote to disable an airbag before this option became available. I’ll try to post some photos of the switch/light in the “MINIs and Children” forum when I get chance.

Also, looks like BMW got a bit confused as the car has also got the On Board Computer, though I didn’t spec or pay for this. So with the free TLC that my dealer threw in, that’s £200 I’ve saved.

All in all, HAPPY! :D :D :D


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